Avajang Service Company, Tehran, Iran

Avajang Service Company is the official service center for globally well-known products and brands like GIGABYTE, ASUS, and Logitech in Iran. I have spent two summers as an Intern in Avajang, and during my internship period, I had a chance to work in different units as follows:

             My obligation was to help customers to solve their issues with our products over the phone; in addition, I was testing hardware devices that have functionality problems under special situation.

             I had an obligation to test GIGABYTE Motherboards’ functionality after repair process by using special software designed by the company to make sure the product functions perfectly before returning it to the customer.

             I learned to use Oscilloscope to check different voltages, signals' pattern, and frequencies of different components of motherboards; also I learned to replace chips and other components such as IO, South Bridge, Sockets, Resistors, and FETs by using tools like BGA machine, heat gun, and soldering iron.

             I standardized technical documentation format for the first time in the company, revised old documentation, and wrote new documentation. In addition, I created new forms for evaluating new employees in the company.